Provillus Hair Regrowth Treatment for Men & Women

Provillus is an extremely popular natural hair regrowth treatment.

Provillus Hair Regrowth TreatmentWhich is Clinically proven to regrow hair and is approved by FDA as well. The parent company is HealthBuy which is a trustful and respected name in health industry as they always stand for good customer service and satisfaction.

The product comes in two variants. One is Provillus for men and other is Provillus for women. Both are targeted and specialized to individual gender’s needs.

There are two components of the product. One is topical solution which utilizes Minoxidil,

which is proven solution for hair loss and the second is a supplement in form of capsules containing essential vitamins and minerals for hair growth.

This way Provillus works both from inside and outside of your body.

Provillus Product Reviews – What I Liked?

There are certain things that I liked about Provillus. I’ll go into more detail later in this section but here is a quick list summary if you are in a hurry

  • Provillus is extremely inexpensive & risk free compared to other solutions like surgery etc.
  • They run discounts and offers time to time (see at the end if any discounts are still available)
  • It is ranked as the #1 treatment for hair loss available on the marketplace by a majority of users
  • Expected growth period is at least 3-6 months which looks natural unlike hair transplant
  • It is very easy to use and clinically proven to work
  • Consists of a topical ingredient approved by Food and drug administration
  • Requires no prescription or doctor visits
  • Can be used by both women and men
  • Total satisfaction is guaranteed & excellent customer service
  • Comes with a good 90 days money back guarantee  

Continue reading to learn more about essential benefits you will get from this awesome product.

Does Provillus Treatment works?

A highly effective combination of natural extracts makes up this product for it to quickly stop DHT and safely work to improve the body’s natural capability to carry important nourishment to your scalp.

In essence, the results will certainly be different based on age, genetics and body type, but many users of this product have observed significant new growth after just using for 3 months, with some people taking a little bit longer or perhaps a shorter period.

Customer care with Money back guarantee:

HealthBuy is the parent company for Provillus and they provide toll-free numbers that you should use anytime have any questions regarding this product.

Besides that, they offer contact form online and you use this to ask questions just the same. A test was carried out on their customer service options and the response time was indeed impressive.

Given that this product might not deliver the same results for every user based on a number of factors mentioned above, they can benefit from the money back guarantee.

In case there is any reason why you aren’t entirely satisfied with the results, it is possible to return any untouched and unopened solution to get a full refund after 90 days of making the purchase.

Provillus Reviews – What I Didn’t Like?

There isn’t much to say in this section but there are a few things to consider when using Provillus, which I would like to discuss.

Possible Side Effects and Safe practices!

When compared with various other hair loss supplements out there, Provillus is designed with 100% natural ingredients and these are completely safe.

It is very important to take note that all of the herbal products are safe but there is a men’s variation of this product that includes Saw Palmetto and this could possibly be risky for unborn babies.

For this reason, the version for women doesn’t include this ingredient. So it is highly advisable (though it’s obvious) that women should always only use Provillus for women variation of the product. And pregnant women should avoid using it.

Overall Thoughts about Provillus!

Overall with the research, I have found that there are a lot of positive reviews and majority of users are happy and satisfied with the product.

The most important point that you should consider is that Provillus does not work for everyone. It usually helps every user to stop hair loss but it is not necessary that it will regrow hair for everyone. It works for the majority of users and that is why I would still say that it’s worth trying and giving a shot if it works for you as the chances are highly likely.

Another really important factor is patience. You need to try the Provillus or any other good hair regrowth product for at least 3-6 months to see good results.

Provillus – Discounts & Offers!

After a lot of research online I found out that the best place to buy Provillus is the official website of the product itself as they run special offers time to time.

They are currently offering some attractive discounts and free bottle offers available at the order page which you can access once you enter you details on the website.

Where can i buy provillus?

In recent times there has been a huge publicity for Provillus, although it is still among the newest products for hair loss on the market.

Most of the publicity is due to the undeniable fact that it’s a natural treatment offering all-natural solution with very little or no side effects.

Provillus Limited Time Offer